Destination Photography Northern Ireland wedding Photography

I can literally sit here and write a book about how amazing, caring and loving this family is. from the word go, I felt at home with them.

Neil the Irish man married to Liezl a South African, what a perfect combination they are for each other! I feel that words cannot really describe this couple. But with the help of some photos, and only a few words, I’m going to try my very best to give you a glimpse of their story and who they are. Liezl is one of the sweetest, kindest girls I’ve ever met. She is beautiful!!. Inside and out. Neil is a real gentleman. The way he treats Liezl it is obvious to everyone that he really loves her. They always smile. I know people loves to be around them, they are filled with so much positivity and joy. With their presence, they never fail to light up a room!

 A little something about them:

We met in Belfast during Liezl’s first year of studies in a Bar called the Spaniard. We then went on a first date to a traditional Irish music session as Neil thought foreign girls were suckers for the Irish craic.  Seemed to pay off!

Neil proposed in beautiful South Africa in a little costal town called Hermanus.  This is a town very close to Liezl’s heart as she worked there for a year.