Wedding Photography Gauteng

Venue: Kearsney Manor Durban South-Africa
Design and Styling: By Jackie Weddings and Function
Make-up: Make-Up Your mind
Dress: Bridal Mall
Flowers: Fairy Factory

From Matt:

 Not often do you learn a word that will embodies so many feelings in so few characters, mine was quintessential! “Quintessential” the purest element of an object, phrase, action or emotion. I never truly understood the word until I was walking down a corridor at work and I heard laughter – laughter that made my heart warm and brought a smile to my face immediately. I didn’t know the person laughing or the reason why but it resonated with me and invoked an almost childlike feeling of joy and happiness. I turned a corner and there she was a smile that could warm the heart of “pessimist” and eyes that literally erupted (not sparkled) with life and jovialness! I had met my “quintessential” happiness! Fast forward 2 and a half years later palms sweating I walk down a stone cobbled path leading her towards a table strategically positioned between the vineyards of our favourite red wine , in the heartland of South African wine country – Franschoek. I have the speech prepared (by the way it was amazing) I get her too look up at the beautiful view around us, I drop to one knee and all the words I prepared have left me. All I can squeak is “Will you marry me?” – There is a pause some tears (no answer yet by the way) she bends down and whispers in my ear however in that action of hugging me she envelopes both ears I’m unable to hear her response! I wait on bended knee for another two minutes with tears streaming down her face  I blurt out “What’s your answer (noting the tremor in my voice) ?” , her response was one word ,but it took me back to the moment in that corridor where I experienced my quintessential happiness, “Yes”! It’s the 28th of March 2015 I wait on the raised platform within the church I think about these moments as I prepare to marry the woman who I have built my “fortress of happiness” ….. (for those who love superman) the music starts its “don’t stop believing” by journey (yes we are not an ordinary couple) she begins the walk down the aisle. That same smile I had before turning the corner at work three years ago begins to spread across my face….

HOW beautiful is that!!??