Engagement Photography Surrey (Simon & Sian)

Simon and Sian will tie the knot early next month at the Red Barn Lingfield. I am counting the days now, and are really so excited to be part of this couples happiest moments. A couple of months ago we did part one of their engagement session amongst some stunning blooms, and meant to go the same day to complete their session at this beautiful beautiful park, but the British weather didn't allow it, so here is part 2 finally.

When I met Sian and Simon as a couple for the first time I immediately knew that they’ve been together for a long time, because couples like Simon and Sian know one other. You can see it in the way they grin with their eyes and walk steadily beside each other, not touching but intimately connected. Which makes me believe that wherever they end up, they will always be cute together in their own little corner of the world.
  Simon and Sian's deep connection made them crazy easy to photograph when I threw them on a rowboat and photographed them from afar. Telling them to cuddle and they rode with it, making this an engagement session that will warm your heart for days. With sian as gorgeous as she is and Simon the most comfortable guy in front of the camera I have ever photographed, I can only dream about how stunning and beautiful their wedding day is going to be.